Based on the 2nd Movement of Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor, this painting was my attempt to paint sound as a visible entity. Shimmering and rising from the surface of the sheet music, the string section opens the movement. I've associated golden color with the notes of the lower register. Thie piano soon joins the strings and becomes a beautiful atmosphere of gracefully dancing notes. Blues and purples represent the higher notes. In my painting the music is coming to life and blowing some the pages into the air. The concert pianist is not interested in performing at this moment. Instead, he is enraptured by the vision before him. The glasses in his hand may indicate that this vision is all in his head. Since the artist has used himself as the model, it might be so.
music painting

Oil on Canvas, 24x36"
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Original Oil on Canvas
Inspiration, 24x36"
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