Come Away With Me
The painting entitled, Come Away With Me, represents the call from God to all people to spend time with Him. In this romantic setting, moonlight on the beach, Jesus beckons to you, the viewer, with a smile. He not only wants to be your Savior, but also your lover and special friend. He wants to be very intimate with you. Don't underestimate the level of relationship that God will allow you to experience with Him. So come away with Him down the beach. Experience the smoothness of the sand. Feel the night air and gaze at the sparkling reflections from the moon on the gentle waves. Jesus will be right there with you to see your delight. Just feel His presence as you reach for Him. You are experiencing true love.
Jesus painting

Oil on Canvas, 24x40"
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Matted Print $65.00
Framed/Matted $150.00



Giclee Print on Paper
Print Size--9x15" image on 11x17" paper
Release Year of Edition--
Edition Size--Open
Status of Artist’s Signature--Hand-signed
Copyright Ownership--Retained by Artist
Printer--The Warner Studio of Photography,

Fairmont, WV
Method and Materials--
Original painting digitally
captured by Vibrant Images, Cumberland, MD.
Color proofing completed by Warner Studio of
Photography to match print colors to original
painting. Water-based, pigmented inks printed
on acid free, photo paper. Print is coated with
photo lacquer for protection against moisture
and abrasion.

Original Oil on Canvas
Come Away With Me, 24x40"
$1900.00 Framed
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